Contextualization: 3

In this portion of the lesson, students have some guided practice time to ask and answer the questions in pairs. You can see that she has them use the same sentence frames that she was using with them earlier during the instruction portion of the lesson.

In this clip the students return to the clothesline to once again review the vocabulary from the story. Notice how students have multiple opportunities to interact with the vocabulary words from the story.

As a closure activity Inez chooses certain words that she noticed that the students have been struggling with throughout the lesson and asks them to review the items once again.

Classroom Reflection

1. In the first clip, after the students have practiced in pairs the teacher has them share out to the rest of the group. What do you think is her purpose for being so repetitive with this skill?

2. This activity was completed in a small group. How might you adapt this lesson for a whole group setting? What are some ways that you can contextualize the stories in your own classroom to make them more comprehensible and engaging to English learner students?