Contextualization: 2

In this clip, Inez calls upon a student to hang up one of the items from the story. You’ll see that she frames a sentence for the student, “What is this?” allowing them to respond with the target vocabulary from the story.

Once the items have all been placed on the clothesline by her students, Inez reviews all of the names of the items once more. You can see that she uses the same sentence frame that she did at the beginning of the lesson asking “What is this?” and having students respond, “This is a ____.”

Classroom Reflection

1. Why do you think the teacher chose to use real items to represent the words in the story instead of pictures of the same items?

2. This is clearly a lesson for Beginning and Early Intermediate EL students. Can you think of one way to adapt this lesson to make it more challenging for Intermediate or Early Advanced EL students?