Contextualization: 1

HM Story: Mrs. McNosh Hangs Her Wash inez

Teacher: Inez Rowles, Kindergarten

Inez  is doing an ELD lesson for her Kindergarteners from the HM story in her reading series. Let’s watch as she creates meaning for students through the use of realia and student interaction.

Here are artifacts and resources from the lesson:

Sentence Frame Example 1

Sentence Frame Example 2



Inez begins the lesson by reminding the students of the story they have read. She also keys students into target vocabulary such as clothesline, barrel, apron, newspaper etc.

Classroom Reflection

What might be the teacher’s purpose for asking the same question repeatedly and having students answer in the same manner chorally?

Inez uses pictures from the book to retell the story. Notice how she pauses at certain target vocabulary words, giving students a chance to fill in the word before moving on to the next picture.