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Comprehensive Support for MESRP

MESRP teachers receive monthly professional development where regional teachers share curriculum and best practices with each other. With emphasis on literacy, English Language Development (ELD), math, and social/emotional development, and based on Pre-Kindergarten standards, these trainings provide teachers opportunities to build on their existing skills while learning new activities. 

Professional Development for MESRP Teachers

In the next clip, you'll see Maria sharing ideas with her MESRP colleagues while addressing the following topics:

  • Reasons for teaching her students the alphabet in English
  • Scaffolds that she provides for her students
  • Suggestions  for working with parents in the classroom
  • Supporting parents in the learning transitions of their children
  • Using student portfolios to monitor progress 
  • The importance of participating in the larger school community

MESRP as Members of the School Community

In the next clip, P.A. Walsh Principal Elvia Teixeira describes the value of having the MESRP program at the school site. You'll hear Elvia talk about the value of connecting parents to their child's learning experience from the very beginning of the class and throughout their time in the MESRP class.

District and Regional MEP Partnership

Hilaria Bauer, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, describes how the ongoing partnership between the Morgan Hill Unified School District  and the Regional MEP leads to discussions that support student success.

Establishing a School Site MESRP Program

Deborah Abello, Region 1 Director Migrant Education, talks about working with the district to support their needs for a MESRP program at a school site and describes some of the coordination and collaboration involved to make that happen.