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Creating a Rich MESRP Program

Region 1 Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP) teacher Maria Marcos provides a rich learning environment for her students. As with many MESRP classrooms, she begins the day at P.A. Walsh Elementary in Morgan Hill with a consistent set of  learning activities to help create language structures and build vocabulary. Here's a sample Lesson Plan from Maria's classroom to give an idea of how much time she spends on each activity.

Consistent Activities to Build Language Structures

In the clip below, you'll see a montage of activities that Maria uses to create an atmosphere of success. You'll see how she personalizes the learning by helping students recognize and spell their names. She continues with theme-based activities using the calendar while reinforcing students' letter and number recognition.

Student Writing Activity

In the clip below, notice how Maria uses music to connect students' learning of the alphabet. She uses the alphabet review as a jumping off point to a writing activity.

Learning Centers as Extensions and Reinforcement

In the following clip, notice how Maria extends the letter and sound recognition activities with additional multi-sensory activities.She uses her classroom aide to assist in the multiple stations she has set up.

Participants in the School Community 

Coordination among the Regional MEP office, district and school provides MESRP students with opportunities to join other school students in enrichment classes. In the next clip, you'll see the MESRP students participating with the Kindergarten and 1st Grade students in a weekly music class. These multi-age experiences help the MESRP students become better prepared for entering Kindergarden the following year.

On the next page, you'll see how the Regional Migrant Education Program provides professional development for MESRP teachers and learn about the coordinated efforts among the Region MEP, school and district.