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Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP)

The Migrant Education School Readiness Program is a statewide, early childhood education program administered by Migrant Education regions at more than 300 sites. Children 3-5 years old are provided preschool services while their parents are provided services to enhance literacy levels, expand parenting skills, and learn English-as-a-second language.

Cognate Alphabet and Number, Letter Activities

In the clip below, MESRP teacher Dalila Guzman begins the day at her program site in Watsonville with songs and activities in English and Spanish. Dalila uses the LISTOS Cognate Alphabet, a multi-modal phonics program, to bridge Spanish phonics to English phonics. Dalila uses bilingual classroom routines and strategies such as shared writing, music and math activities to promote literacy, oral language and math concepts. Doing all activities in both languages helps students engage their whole brain and supports comprehension.

The Hungry Caterpillar Extension Activities and Interactive Journals

In the next clip, Dalila has completed a story walk with Eric Carle's book The Hungry Caterpillar and is using the text to reinforce new vocabulary and concepts in science and math. A story walk allows the teacher to target academic vocabulary before reading the book by explaining specific concepts and vocabulary found on each page through discussion, use of pictures and realia in order for the children to comprehend the story when it is subsequently read. You will also see Dalila implementing interactive journal writing in order to provide her children with the opportunity to apply their growing alphabetic knowledge.

Vocabulary and Academic Content Reinforcement

In the segment below, you'll see additional activities in English and Spanish that reinforce and expand the students' vocabulary and academic content in both languages through interactive, hands-on strategies. Notice how Dalia uses the chart as a visual to have students count, use patterns and recognize numbers. This contextualized learning is supportive and engaging for this age level.

Providing Developmentally Appropriate Support for Dual Language Learners

In the interview clip below, MESRP Teacher Dalila Guzman explains how the use of the LISTOS Cognate Alphabet employs multi-sensory scaffolds to teach her children phonemic awareness and phonics in a joyful interactive way. She goes on to explain how she connects this with writing in the interactive journal with her individualized support. She explains the effectiveness of the two strategies, the LISTOS Cognate Alphabet and Interactive Journals, in promoting oral language development, reading and writing acquisition in BOTH languages.

On the next page, you'll see how the MESRP parent education class supports parents of preschoolers with literacy and language development activities.