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Collaborations and Partnerships

Migrant Education Programs (MEP) throughout California extend their services and support for migrant children and families through statewide and local collaborative efforts. Statewide administered programs featured in this module include California Mini-Corps and Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP). These programs provide complementary support to students and families with classroom tutoring of migrant students, early childhood learning opportunities, and parent education classes.

Regional Migrant Education Program (MEP) offices collaborate at the local level with schools, districts and other local agencies to design, implement, and evaluate services for migrant children and families. The content, methodology, and delivery of these services are based on the needs of migrant children and families in the local community. Local services for migrant students and families are currently provided to 565 school districts in California.

Partnerships between MEP offices and local districts can include the allocation of reimbursement funds for program services provided to migrant students and families. Districts apply for MEP funds and administer their own MEP locally as proposed in an annually completed District Service Agreement (DSA) application.

On the next pages, you'll see examples of these collaborations and partnerships beginning with classroom tutors for migrant students provided by California Mini-Corps and the local PUPILS tutor program in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD). This is followed by two MESRP sites. In PVUSD children and parents are supported together, while in Morgan Hill Unified School District the MESRP class is located at a regular school site. The module concludes with a look at comprehensive district support for migrant students and the collaboration between Heber School District and the Region 6 Migrant Education Program office.