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California's Adoption of the CCSS

The Additions

Time to Read

Read about California’s additions to the CCSS.

Upon adoption, each state was allowed to add up to 15% of their own standards to the CCSS in both ELA/Literacy and Mathematics. These additions did not replace any part of the CCSS, yet allowed states to maintain or enhance some of their existing standards or add new ones.

The guidelines that the California Academic Content Standards Commission External Link followed were that the additions must:

  • Substantively enhance,
  • address a perceived gap,
  • be defensible to classroom practitioners,
  • keep the original standard intact, and
  • ensure the rigor of California’s existing standards was maintained.

As shown in the samples below, the additions to the California CCSS are indicated by bold and underlined font.

Additions to the CA Common Core Standards shown underlined and bold.