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The Delgado Family

So our friends, members of the Aguilar family, start out with 40 gallons of water and, after three days, have 22.6 gallons left. This is just enough info to determine the rate at which this family is consuming water.

How did the students compute the rate at which the Aguilar family is consuming water? Let's eavesdrop on their discussion.

Classroom Clip Reflection:

  • What are some different ways Ms. England uses to try to get the students to share their information with one another and work together? What other questions or prompts might she have used?
  • In this clip, what questions or prompts does she use to help students understand the role of "Day 0"? Why is this important?
  • How is she supporting the idea of multiple representations and approaches to solving this problem?
  • What are the implications for your work with your students?