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Let's Take Some Pictures!

measureCan you imagine activities using digital images for the following?

  • Measuring Tools photoMeasure and compare sides, shape and angles by using images as models.
  • Reason proportionally and analyze similarity.
  • Demonstrate, display, or print calculator procedures.
  • Demonstrate math manipulatives.
  • Calculate speeds and distances from scale measurements.

How will you get your hands on this technology? If you need cameras, how many will you need? Can you get away with a lesson that doesn't require cameras? Here's how Ms. Bithell solved the problem with her students:

six cameras"We have about 6 cameras at our school available to be checked out. Most of the students had access to digital cameras at home, or were working with a partner who did. Very few actually took advantage of checking out our school cameras, because they can't take them away from the school site. The students didn't like to be limited on what pictures they could take."

If you don't have easy access to digital cameras, here are some alternatives:dispos camera

  • Purchase disposable cameras.
  • Group students in threes or fours to reduce the number of cameras needed.
  • Skip the photography session altogether and find, or have students find, pictures on the Internet.
  • Use the camera on your phone.

PDROM Bar Video

Let's check back with Ms. Bithell's students. Cameras in hand, they are now headed out to take some pictures.

Back in the classroom, it is time to make use of all those photo ops! What is Ms. Bithell's next move?