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Question 7 - Classroom Video Introduction and Transitional Kindergarten Video

CA CCSS TK–5 ELA/Literacy Instruction Emerging Practices Videos

The following classroom videos feature emerging practices for instruction aligned to the California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy), transitional kindergarten through grade five (TK–5). We have provided a few things to look for while you watch the video in order to draw your attention to some of these emerging practices in action. These videos are not meant to set a standard for evaluation of instructional practice, but, instead, provide a visual companion to state-level guidance and demonstrate what instruction aligned to the CA CCSS might look like.1

A Note-taking Guide (DOC) is provided to help you consider the practices shared in the videos. You may want to review it before watching the videos and print it or have it open on your desktop to have in front of you while you watch.

Transitional Kindergarten Writer's Workshop

Things to Look For

  1. Notice how the environment supports the learning of all students.
  2. Notice the non-verbal cues used to support the learning of all students.
  3. Notice the different strategies used by the teacher to check for understanding.
  4. Think about what procedures and processes the teacher must have established prior to this lesson that helped to make it successful.
  5. Notice the teaching strategies used to hold all students accountable for learning.

Transitional Kindergarten Writer's Workshop (23:38)

1 While every effort has been made to include classrooms that represent the diversity of California’s student population, every video may not reflect this diversity. We very much appreciate the teachers, students, and schools that volunteered to participate in this project, and we hope users of this resource can appreciate and draw from their efforts.