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Uploading Resources

Educators can share resources with other members, groups, or the entire My Digital Chalkboard community. To upload a resource, click the Add a Resource link under the Resources tab.

User Guide:
Uploading and Sharing Resources on My Digital Chalkboard


Enter the Basics

  • Upload a file OR enter the address (URL) of a website
  • Enter the title / name of the resource
  • Enter a description for the resource
  • Check “available to public” if you wish to share the resource with the entire My Digital Chalkboard community.2.2.

Provide Relevant Tags

  • Select the appropriate options for Resource Type, Subject(s), and   Grade(s).

Agree to the Terms of Service

Save and Continue 

  • Save and Add Details:  Add additional information about the resource such as keywords, instructional strategy, audience, or suggested standards.
  • Submit Resource: Save and finish