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Changing your Notification Preferences

You will always receive notifications for important My Digital Chalkboard Web site events, such as when something happens to your account or if you are asked to join a group. However, you can choose whether to be notified each time somebody comments on your profile or your journal posts, or adds you as a favorite.

Click on “Notification Preferences” in your notifications list to check or un-check the following options:

  • Receive notifications when somebody comments on your profile
  • Receive notifications when somebody comments on your journal posts
  • Receive notifications when somebody adds you as a favorite

You may also select to have your notifications sent to your e-mail address so that you can be informed of My Digital Chalkboard activity outside of the My Digital Chalkboard Web site. Instead of receiving each notification as a separate e-mail, My Digital Chalkboard will send them in a “digested,” or combined, format. You may choose to receive one e-mail with all of your notifications each day, every 3 days, once a week, or bi-weekly (every two weeks).

To receive an e-mail digest of notifications, check the appropriate box and identify how often you wish to receive e-mail notifications.