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Your Profile

Your profile is the key to your online identity in the My Digital Chalkboard community. Share information about yourself in your profile so that others can learn about you, the subjects you teach, and your areas of expertise. Your profile also provides a way for others to contact you when they are looking for people with similar interests.

Important Note! Like most online profiles, the information you post in your My Digital Chalkboard profile is visible to all members of the My Digital Chalkboard community. Consider carefully what information you include and avoid sharing personal details that you do not want made public.

Tips for a great My Digital Chalkboard profile:

  • Click here to begin setting up your My Digital Chalkboard profile. Include some basic information about yourself, such as the subjects and grades you teach, your school, and a short biography.
  • Add a photo of yourself or your classroom.
  • Use your public My Digital Chalkboard Journal to post ideas, inspirations, and discoveries to share with the My Digital Chalkboard community.
  • Use the links at the left to learn more about how to customize your profile and use the profile tools available in My Digital Chalkboard.


Your Account

In addition to your profile, update your account settings to indicate your communication and notification preferences.