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Reading Messages Sent to you

Messages you receive from others will appear in your Message Center Inbox. Here are some tips to help you navigate your Inbox:

·   Identify the status of each e-mail as read (gray) or unread (green)

·   Click on the subject to read the message

·   Click on the sender's name to view their profile

·   Click the gray "X" button to send a message to your wastebasket


When reading a message, you have the options to reply to the original sender, reply to all (including other recipients), or forward the message to other people or groups. For more information on this topic, see instructions for sending messages.

When you are finished reading a message, you can either close the message and return to your inbox, or delete the message to send it to your wastebasket.


Note: Your wastebasket contains any messages deleted from your inbox. You can permanently delete messages from your wastebasket by visiting the wastebasket and clicking on the gray "X" button next to any message. Messages deleted from the wastebasket cannot be recovered.