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In the Computer Lab

Instructional Strategy: Use of Technology

computer labRegarding their experience with PowerPoint: "Our students first start learning PowerPoint in 4th grade. Before that, they learn Kid Pix, which is similar, but simpler. As part of a social studies unit, my class had already done a large project this year, which was an electronic museum of Ancient Egypt. The students had to research different topics, find pictures, record their voices as the museum docent, and make their transitions automatic. So using PowerPoint was not at all the focus of this lesson-- rather it was a tool."

Regarding new PowerPoint skills learned in this lesson: "There were a few things that they learned to do for the first time. They had never imported their slides into one master presentation, as we did with this project. They learned to hyperlink for the first time, and they learned to selectively transition slides automatically. I mean that they made some transitions automatic, but most were left on mouse click so they could present as much as they needed before clicking the mouse to go to the next slide. Generally they make their transitions automatic, so they just have a slide show, so this was a new idea to them-- and one that is actually used more in the real world than the automatic transitions!"

bichell13aWell, does she get any help with all this technology? "We have a media aide that runs the library and computer lab-- she is awesome! Great support! I also can call the district Technology Curriculum Specialist, who gladly comes out for big projects or answers questions over the phone. I also ask my own children for assistance. Finally, it is amazing how much the students know-- sometimes they know something if you don't!"

PDROM Bar Video

Now let's take a peek at students working in the computer lab: