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Ms. Bithell's Technology Rich Classroom

bithellMs. Bithell's Biosketch: Shari Bithell received her BS from Cal State Fullerton and her MA and CLAD Certificate from Whittier College. She's been teaching for 8 years in 6th grade at Mariposa Elementary School in the Brea-Olinda Unified School District.

Classroom Setting: There are 29 sixth grade students in Ms. Bithell's class, 14 boys and 15 girls. Thirteen are white, another ten are Asian or Pacific Islander, and six are Latino. One is an identified English Learner and three have been categorized as Fluent English Proficient.

School Setting: Mariposa Elementary School is in the Brea-Olinda Unified School District and enrolls approximately 514 students of diverse ethnicity in grades K-6. It is located in the the City of Brea. It is a California Distinguished School.

Lesson Plan Summary: Students work with a partner to take at least three digital camera pictures that could be used to set up a good proportions problem that uses geometric shapes found in the real world. Problems must reflect real world applications proportions. They then create, present, videotape, and peer-evaluate PowerPoint presentations of the word problems. Intrigued?