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Question 5 - Grade 8 Video and Discussion

Grade 8: Expressions and Equations

Things to Look For

  1. Notice how the teacher reviews previous learning.
  2. Notice how the teacher successfully uses technology in her lesson.
  3. Notice how the teacher encourages students to find multiple ways to solve the problem.
  4. Notice the different strategies used by the teacher to check for understanding.
  5. Notice how the students use mathematical modeling to solve the real-world problem. (MP.4)
  6. Notice how the teacher encourages academic vocabulary and precise language. (MP.6)

Grade 8
Expressions and Equations (23:41)

Emerging Practices Discussion Prompts | DOC

Instructional leaders are encouraged to consider the following discussion prompts after viewing the classroom videos to support them in developing or informing local processes for implementing the CA CCSSM.

  1. Discuss how the instruction in the videos demonstrates the three major principles of the CA CCSSM mentioned in the Overview of the Standards Chapters (PDF) of the Mathematics Framework: Focus, Coherence, and Rigor.
  2. Discuss how the instruction in the videos integrate instruction to include both the CA CCSSM standards for mathematical practice and the standards for mathematical content.
  3. Discuss how the instructional strategies in the videos align with the guidance in the Mathematics Framework grade-level chapters and the chapter on instructional strategies (PDF).
  4. Based on your instructional leadership expertise, is there anything you would suggest to enhance these lessons?
  5. How might these lessons need to be adapted to meet the needs of all students within your local context?