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Baldwin Academy A School in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

How Baldwin Academy Creates a Coherent Staff Development Plan

  • Stay focused: Baldwin Academy is determined not to jump on every bandwagon available for new strategies and techniques. Instead, the school remains focused on select staff development pieces, curriculum, and consultants, making sure that everyone comprehends the strategies and puts them into practice.
  • Depth, not breadth: Under a focused staff development, Baldwin Academy sticks to its mantra of "Deeper, not wider." The school goes "deeper and deeper" and gets "better and better" at what they do by strengthening current practices rather than constantly introducing new practices.
  • Stay on the same page: All classes generally use the same instructional strategies, such as the Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) strategies for English learners, which consist of best practices shared with all students. An open door policy is the norm, so teachers can continually learn from each other.

How Baldwin Academy Analyzes Data

  • Conduct multi-level analysis of assessment results: Baldwin Academy conducts school-, subgroup-, and student-level analysis of tri-yearly district exams as well as frequent school assessments to gauge the progress of individual students.
  • Identify lowest performing students: At the start of the year, grade-level assessments are analyzed to identify the lowest performing quartile of students in each classroom. Teachers and parents of these students then discuss plans for academic improvement.
  • Share and discuss data with teachers, parents, and students: Baldwin Academy’s leadership engages all of these groups in discussions about student performance measures against the standards. This ensures everyone’s buy-in and investment in each student’s success.
  • Make adjustments, as necessary: Teachers are encouraged to make adjustments to instruction and grouping systems according to data, in order to maximize growth in achievement.

How Baldwin Academy Uses Data for Improved Achievement

  • Communicate performance goals to students: The principal meets with students one-on-one to discuss previous California Standards Test (CST) scores and set goals for the year. Students keep posters on their desks that say, "This was my score from last year, these are goals for this year, and this is where I want to get to."
  • Engage students in tracking their performance relative to the standards:Students keep STAR binders in which grade-level standards are posted. Teachers discuss these standards as the students graph their scores on district exams and school tests.
  • Reward students for improved performance: Students are rewarded with medals and trophies for improved performance and achieving high levels of proficiency on state assessments.
  • Hold teachers accountable: If scores fall or are not as high as expected, teachers are encouraged to take responsibility and learn from their peers how best to increase their students’ achievement. The questions always comes down to "How can I improve?" rather than blaming the children.
  • Involve the entire school community: Everyone is involved in the success of the school. For example, Baldwin Academy's custodian, acting also as a proctor and mentor for the students, was named the district’s "Classified Man of the Year."

Mission Statement
Meet or exceed the goals and objectives set by the State, Board of Education, Superintendent, and staff. Our commitment is for our students to acquire effective skills in reading, writing, math, and science.

Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) Performance 2006-07


Source: Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), 2006-07

Ongoing Data Analysis
Consistent, in-depth data analysis allows teachers the opportunity to get to know students' strengths and identify strategies that will help each student continue to grow.


AMO Performance 2005-06


Source: AYP, 2006-07.