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Secondary Peer Coaching Lesson

Introduction to Lesson

In the first clip of the lesson, Janet begins the lesson by using preview/review to explain the lesson in Spanish first to help connect the students. You see that at the beginning of the lesson, Marisol is in the back of the room observing and taking notes. The young man helping in the room is a PUPILS tutor.

Second Cloze Activity

In the next clip, Janet directs students to work in small groups with a new cloze activity to reinforce the activity. By giving students a word bank, Janet is helping scaffold the students' learning and ensure their feeling of success by completing the activity. Consider this: If she had left it open, with students filling in blanks with whatever word came to mind, there would have been too many options for students and some confusion about the task.

On the next page, Marisol and Janet begin their post-lesson reflection and address what worked well and what challenges they experienced.