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Using Data to Identify Areas for Improvement 

For next steps, teachers identify the standards where students didn't perform well. Once identified, they discuss which standards have specific instructional implications for both the grade level proceeding and the grades levels to come (vertical articulation). The teachers compare the data to the previous quarter and discover that they have made improvement with a specific standard, although it's not enough improvement.

Targeting Vocabulary Instruction

In this clip, teachers discuss specific instructional design and how this affected student performance. The team identifies vocabulary instruction as a specific component that must be taught everyday across all content areas.

Identifying Effective Practices

In the next part of the process, teachers identify a practice that was successful and discuss how they will continue to implement this work. The power of this articulation is that the grade level can be assured that all students at a particular grade level are receiving similar instruction that has been identified as successful and beneficial to student achievement.

Implementing Effective Practices

Next, the team continues to identify their effective practices and how they will be implemented at the grade level. They also discuss the implication of the assessments on this specific standard and how modifications should take place specific to their assessment practices.

On the next page, you'll see the conclusion of the grade level meeting where specific standards and students are targeted for support.