Table of Contents

Step 1: Pre-think Key Concepts Students should know about a Crucial Content Idea

The following steps will guide you to create a conceptual flow for a unit of instruction.  This flow will serve as a “blueprint” from which you will eventually plan a 5E lesson. To assist you, an example of what you will be developing is provided.

Time to Try

To develop a pre-think, fill in the grade level and the key concept (for example, what should an exiting seventh grader know about ecosystems?) as follows:

What should an exiting _____grader know about_____?

Write a paragraph to answer the question. Write complete sentences, not bullets.  Remember to write content statements, not behavioral objectives. For example, a content statement is “there are three types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.” A behavioral objective might be “students will identify the three types of rocks.”

Reread the paragraph and select the largest key concept you described. Write that key concept on a large sticky-note. Within the paragraph, which ideas support that key concept idea? Write each one of these ideas on a smaller sticky-note. Now, which of your ideas are small, fact-like ideas? Write each of these on an individual small sticky-note.