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Slope and Parellel Lines

graph_parallelThe beauty of parallel lines. Not only are they beautiful in a symmetrical, balanced kind of way, they also tell us a lot about the rates of two processes... that is, they are the same. And, just like in Stacking Cups, Ms. England has devised a lesson that allows students to investigate this concept.



Let's watch to see what Ms. England?s students discover about the relationship between the Aguilar and Degardo families, and how that relationship is represented in the lines and equations.

Classroom Clip Reflection:

  • What types of questions does Ms. England ask to help her students understand the relationship between equal slope and parallel lines?
  • How does she try to help her students understand the connection between slope and constant rate of change? What other questions might she have asked? Do the students understand this concept? Why is it important that they do?
  • What are the implications for your work with your students?