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What is My Digital Chalkboard?

My Digital Chalkboard is an interactive online environment that offers both easily searchable teaching resources and an online community of teaching professionals.

  • It allows educators to create groups/communities for collaboration and participation in positive peer-cultures.
  • It enables the sharing of best practice and self-publication of individual teaching resources that could potentially guide others in classroom lessons.
  • It provides access to a high-quality online collection of standards-matched materials on school reform issues that they have identified as the most salient.
  • It will showcase exemplary teaching practices allowing others to gain from them.
  • The most anticipated feature of the Digital Chalkboard online environment is the ability to easily access resources from the database that are matched to California State Content Standards.
  • It combines a state-of-the art online system with a community of educators willing to share their knowledge to improve the preparation of California's next generation of citizens.

For more information about the My Digital Chalkboard project, please contact