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21st Century Skills

This introductory module is designed specifically for California educators to support them in becoming knowledgeable in the background, design, organization, and areas of emphasis of the CCSS. Note that success with the standards goes hand-in-hand with what is commonly referred to as "21st century skills," both in teaching and learning. These skills include:

The CCSS does not introduce these as new skills for students and teachers — many of these are routinely present in classrooms today — rather they place strong emphasis on a more collaborative learning environment where students take more control over their own learning. The skills listed above are revisited in the math and ELA sections of this module, and emphasized in all modules within the series.

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The video below addresses how the successful implementation of the CCSS, emphasizing 21st Century Skills, is vital to the success of California students.

Video Source: Ohio Department of Education External Link

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For in-depth information about 21st century learning and citizenship, visit the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Web site.