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Vision & Purpose

The My Digital Chalkboard Vision

My Digital Chalkboard is an initiative that aims to offer teachers, schools, and districts the opportunity to connect and share resources and valuable institutional knowledge.  Our vision focuses on providing a place for collaboration, designed to bring together the diversity, talent, and expertise of teachers across California.

Our primary goal is to give teachers the resources they need, whether that is tools and materials, or advice, to improve instruction and close the achievement gap in California schools.


The Vision of My Digital Chalkboard is to provide an online environment that:

  • Stimulates educators to create, expand their learning, and share knowledge together.
  • Increases educator-to-educator engagement and relationships.
  • Aligns teacher-intended outcomes with curriculum-defined outcomes (and vice versa).
  • Provides information and knowledge support systems for educators (access to research and advice).
  • Highlights progress through rigorous assessment & monitoring (improved access to a variety of effective short cycle tests proven in other locations).
  • Focuses on student success through effective teaching and learning practices.
  • Provides access to resources and materials to teach and develop professionally.
  • Develops the skills of new educators.
  • Provides a place to safely share struggles, questions, new ideas and success stories.

Why My Digital Chalkboard?

For too long, school districts across the state have been left to solve problems on their own with no central resource to guide them and no mechanism to collaborate with other educators across the state when success is achieved.

While the State of California has made significant and noticeable strides in school reform efforts, schools throughout California continue to beat these odds and prove themselves as islands of excellence.

Research has shown that certain kinds of instructional practices work and schools and districts will benefit greatly from “seeing” and replicating these practices in their classrooms.