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Success Stories

Examples of effective schools and practices are showcased in these profiles with the purpose of providing real examples with which other schools can identify and relate, and the hope that the critical factors these schools have used will help improve academic achievement for all students.

Highlighted Case Studies

To identify a pool of high-performing schools we examined student and school performance data from 2002-03 through 2006-07. The selection process, known as a "beating-the-odds" (BTO) analysis, utilizes extant statewide data to identify schools where students overall, as well as subgroup populations, are substantially outperforming similar schools over time. This data analysis was followed by interviews with principals of selected schools meeting the criteria above to gather information on some of their successful strategies for improving student achievement.

“No matter what the student's background is, no matter what the parents' educational background, no matter what their socioeconomic background is, we have them here for six to seven hours a day and we can control that [time].”

– Steven Hansen, Principal Giano Intermediate School