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Question 1 - Resources for Further Exploration

Professional Learning and Culture of Continuous Improvement
Resources for Further Exploration

There are several resources and tools available to consider these questions: What professional learning structures build educator capacity to support student achievement of the CA CCSS, and how can I help establish and maintain a culture of continuous improvement in my school/district? Below is a collection of resources for further exploration to support instructional leaders in their ongoing professional learning.

Curriculum Frameworks Chapters

California Professional Learning Resources

  • CCSS Professional Learning Modules
    These professional learning modules provide a comprehensive learning experience to support educators in delivering curriculum aligned to the CA CCSS to all pupils.
  • Smarter Balanced Digital Library
    Collection of teacher-developed and reviewed professional learning and instructional resources intended to help educators apply the formative assessment process during daily instruction aligned to the CCSS
  • Quality Professional Learning Standards
    The Superintendent's Quality Professional Learning Standards (QPLS) present the elements of a quality professional learning system that, if well implemented, will benefit educators focused on increasing their professional capacity and performance.
  • California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (PDF)
    These standards identify what an administrator must know and be able to do in order to move into sustainable, effective practice. They describe critical areas of leadership for administrators and offer a structure for developing and supporting education leaders throughout their careers.

Professional Learning Literature