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Methods that Matter - Overview

Methods That Matter provides archived videos presenting teachers’ exemplary lessons that can be duplicated in your classroom.   Each of these snapshots contains several distinct examples of how a particular skill or strategy is being taught in the context of a core subject through a Module Theme.   


Methods That Matter is a place where we will offer video snapshots of lessons showcasing dynamic teaching methods in a real classroom with real students.  We know that each teacher comes to their classroom with their own personality, background, tastes, and attitudes; therefore, Methods That Matter modules are truly generic, meaning that vital tips in reading, mathematics, science, history, technology and more can come from colleagues at any grade level and can provide quick valuable ideas and examples for your classroom.   


These free instructional videos were developed for grade level meetings, site based workshops, or for individual growth.   Each Methods That Matter lesson includes video footage, with supporting teacher lessons and student handouts.

Can I really apply these methods in my own classroom?  Yes,  each teacher states that they had to practice daily and soon the dynamics of the strategy became automatic for them as well as for the students.  Print off the teachers' lessons and paperwork.  Watch each segment and then begin to think, "How can I try this in my classroom today?"  "How can I prepare my students for the change?"  What am I utilizing now in my instruction that I can tweek to create learning?


Module Themes - Curriculum and Instruction

Strategy: SQP2RS

Iron Chef

KWL Science

Language Development, Sign Language and EL Strategies

Direct Instruction with Literacy Center Support