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ITM 21: Game On

The premiere of Season 3! Episode 21 is all about gaming in education. Call it "gamification" or "serious fun" or whatever else you like, we just know it's wicked cool. Featured innovations include: using Minecraft in the classroom, GameStar Mechanic, NYC Haunts, and an interview with Lucien Vattel from GameDesk. Plus we do a little hacking. Fiero!

Featured in this episode...

Episode Credits
Host: Ramsey Musallam @ramusallam
Correspondent: Kris Hattori
Commentator: Chris Fitzgerald Walsh @fitzwalsh
Director: Chris Fitzgerald Walsh
Writers: Chris Fitzgerald Walsh, Ramsey Musallam, Kris Hattori
Post-Production: Staci DeGagne
Director of Photography: Alexander Fletcher
Sound: Jennifer Ekstrom
Studio Manager: Jesse Gonzales