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Student Presentations

One organizational strategy Ms. Bithell has used is to import all of the slides into one big slideshow, which makes it very easy to move from one presentation to the next. Note also that the rest of the class isn't just sitting on their hands-- they are taking their "electronics proportions exam," and must set up and solve each problem while it is being presented. In addition, they have to rate each presentation on ten criteria:

  • Real Life Problembithell15b
  • Answer is Correct
  • Clear Explanation (Setup)
  • Clear Explanation (Solving)
  • Voice Automatic (Slides 5-8)
  • Understandable Voice
  • Hyperlinks (Slide 3)
  • Hyperlink (Slide 4)
  • Congratulations!
  • Poster Board

Download and print out a copy of the rubric below. Then choose two of the following presentations to evaluate while you solve the problems posed by the students.

PDROM Bar Video

Start by viewing Ms. Bithell's directions.

Now, select at least two of the following to view. Click on the clip to see the presentation. You may also view the slide show in either PowerPoint or pdf form. (Please be patient-- it will take about 30 seconds or more for the PowerPoint to download.)