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Instructional Strategies

teacherTeachers utilize a variety of strategies in order to engage students, to draw on their backgrounds, to make problems and situations more culturally sensitive and to promote mathematical discourse.

uring her Hikers Beware lesson, Ana England utilized a variety of approaches to make this situation more accessible to her students and to deepen their understanding of the mathematical concepts in the problem, including the investigation of linear relationships through collaborative problem solving.

Some of the strategies we saw in this module include:

  • Creating a classroom environment that builds students' motivation to learn mathematics.
  • Promoting meaningful discourse in mathematics classrooms.
  • Utilizing culturally responsive pedagogy to engage all students.
  • Scaffolding students in their development of problem solving strategies.
  • Analyzing student thinking to inform instructional decision-making.
  • Using focusing rather than funneling questions.
  • Structuring the sharing of student work in terms of mathematical flow.