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Table of Contents

Using 21st Century Skills in Teaching and Learning

Time to Try

The CCSS emphasize the use of  21st Century Skills External Link in teaching and learning. These skills include: Innovation and Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration, and Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship. 

The online lessons in this module model these skills in a digital learning environment and incorporate engaging learning experiences for educators. These experiences, with the inclusion of model strategies for student instruction, encompass a forward-thinking approach to mathematics instruction in the 21st century. 

Throughout this module, you will be prompted to journal your personal thoughts in response to an activity. Journaling will encourage you to reflect upon your learnings as well as process and synthesize your ideas. Your journal responses are not viewable by other participants online, however a collection of your entries is available to download and print upon completion of the module. Additionally, you may find it beneficial to simultaneously go through the module with one or more colleagues, discuss your reflections, collaborate, and combine ideas to enhance teaching and learning.

Next Steps

Let's start with the pre-assessment.