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Table of Contents

Unit 3, Activity 1:

3.1.3 Illustrative Mathematics Tasks

As you deepen your understanding of Illustrative Mathematics and how mathematical knowledge and skills develop over time, consider how the Academic Language Functions support the progression of tasks in the activities below.

Time 2 Try

Now it's your turn. Complete the steps below:

  1. Complete the Illustrative Mathematics task that corresponds to your grade level of instruction.
  2. Review and complete the tasks for the adjacent grade levels.
Time 2 Reflect

Analyze the task for adjacent grade levels to determine how the mathematical concept develops across the selected grade span.



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Time 2 Extend

Illustrative MathVisit the Illustrative MathematicsExternal Link Web site and find additional tasks that might be added to a learning progression.


Next Steps

Let’s move on to Unit 3, Activity 2.