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Table of Contents

Overview of Seven-day Learning Sequence

The video you will watch is an overview that includes segments from a seven-day learning sequence about liquids. The learning goals for this lesson are for students to

  1. Discover through exploration and discussion that liquids can be described by their properties. Some properties are unique to specific liquids, but all liquids share the common property of taking the shape of the container, as well as flowing.
  1. Use the exploration as a context for speaking and listening, writing, and reading to deepen their understanding of liquids.

The teacher used an instructional tool called a 5E Instructional Cycle to plan this seven-day lesson. Take a moment to review her completed 5E lesson cycle.

Time to View

The video includes segments of days one and two. As you view the video, take note of strategies the teacher uses to engage students in exploring and explaining their understanding of the properties of the liquid, as well as the expectations the teacher has for students speaking, listening, and reading.

Open this link to note-taking chart #1 before viewing the video to assist you with writing your observations. The chart may be printed or saved to your desktop.

The next video sequence is a summary of the strategies used to support student acquisition of academic language. As you view the video, take notes on strategies the teacher uses to support the CA CCSS Speaking and Listening Standards (SL1.1a, SL1.5, SL1.6) and Language Standards L1.1j, L1.6, which provide a context for Writing Standard 1.2. You can use note-taking chart #2 to record your notes.