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Table of Contents

Examining the CCSS Literacy in Science

Time to View

Unit 1 is a previously recorded podcast that introduces you to the module. Please download the following documents before viewing the podcast program.

Explanation 1
CCSS Example A
CCSS Example B
Why Does Ice Float? (Experiment Directions)
Reading--Why Does Ice Float?

While viewing the podcast, the speakers will ask you to pause the podcast and write reflections. Please select the pause button on the podcast, and write your responses in the single journal box following the podcast window. Select the play button to resume the podcast. This podcast is for individual participants as well as group presentations.

As prompted in the podcast, download and print the following document:

Explanation 2

Write all of your reflections to the prompts about the experiment and reading in the podcast in the following journal box. The reflection prompts are:

  1. What do you think is happening at this stage in the experiment?

  2. How do your ideas compare with those in Explanation 1?

  3. How did you alter your drawing and explanation based on your reading?

  4. How does your alteration compare with the alterations in Explanation 2?

Time to Reflect

When prompted by the podcast, reflect on how the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy promote improved teaching. How do they promote better student understanding of science content?