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Table of Contents

Overview of the Six-Day Learning Sequence

You will be viewing a summary of days two through six of the learning sequence. In this summary, the teacher’s learning goals are introduced to students through reading, experimentation, and discussion. The teacher’s learning goal for students is:

  1. Gain familiarity with the evidence for a physical or chemical change through reading, experimentation, and discussion, as well as from observations made outside of the classroom. 

The teacher used the 5E instructional cycle lesson plan to plan this learning sequence. Take moment to view her completed 5E instructional cycle lesson plan.

Time to View

The following video includes day two through day four. As you view the video, take note of strategies the teacher uses to engage students in exploring and explaining their understanding. Open this link to a note-taking chart before viewing the video to assist you with writing your observations. The chart can be printed or saved to your desktop.


Part 2 is a summary of day five and day six of instruction. As you view the video, use the note-taking chart to assist you with writing your observations regarding strategies the teacher uses to implement the CA CCSS for Writing, conduct discussion, and help students summarize their understanding of the science concepts.