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Table of Contents

Determining the Learning Sequence

You will now identify a portion of the conceptual flow in which you would like to integrate science content with the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy. This portion of the conceptual flow is called a “learning sequence.” Download the learning sequence template and complete the following steps:

  • Review the conceptual flow you just developed, identifying a section of content that would take five to ten days to teach through hands-on science activities, writing, reading, and communication strategies.
  • Select the key concepts for each day of instruction and write them in the template.
  • Consider the activities students should experience to understand these key concepts. Write these activities in the activity boxes in the template. Include activities that incorporate oral language, science notebooks, formal writing, and reading that will help build student understanding.
  • Finally, select the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy that align to the activities students will engage in to learn science content and include the standards in the template.