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Table of Contents

Unit 2: Activity 4: University of Arizona’s Progressions 

Unit 2 Activity 4 is titled, “University of Arizona’s
Progressions” and will take approximately 30 minutes
to complete.

The purpose of this activity is for the participant to develop
a deeper understanding of the depth of a domain in one grade
level, and to make connections to how the grade level content
standards build upon each other.

Time 2 Read

Earlier you reviewed the University of Arizona’s  Institute for Mathematics in Education External Link Web site. The University of Arizona is involved in the writing of the final versions of the progressions documents for the K–12 CCSS for Mathematics. To develop an awareness of the depth of each domain, take a few minutes to review the grade span documents on their Web site to prepare for the next activity.

Consider the following concepts of Focus and Coherence to prepare you for the next section on the Operations and Algebraic Thinking domain.

Focus (within grade levels)

  • Identifies essential skills and understandings that students need to make sense of in mathematics and know when and how to use the skills they learn
  • Identifies key ideas, understandings, and skills for each grade or course, stresses deep learning, and applying concepts and skills within the same grade or course

Coherence (across grade levels)

  • Reflects the ways in which learners build on and connect the skills and concepts needed to develop deep understanding
  • Articulates a progression of topics across grade levels
  • Connects ideas with other ideas, enabling student to learn with understanding, develop skill proficiency, and solve problems
Time 2 View

The video below is based on the key mathematical concepts of Focus and Coherence. As you watch, think about how this domain could apply to the mathematical curriculum related to your grade level span.