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Table of Contents

Unit 1: Activity 2: Instructional Changes 

Unit 1 Activity 2 is titled, “Instructional Changes”
and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

The purpose of this activity is for the participant to gain
a deeper understanding of how aspects of the CCSS for
Mathematics will impact instruction.


Time to Read

The CCSS for Mathematics bring shifts toward greater focus and coherence.

  • Focus refers to the practice of introducing fewer standards at each grade level and giving students more time to master concepts to give them a foundation on which to build.
  • Coherence refers to following the progressions of ideas and skills as they unfold across the grades.

The CCSS also bring increased clarity in expectations. These changes provide a stronger foundation for college and career success.

Time to View

As you watch the following video, refer to the statements below to document how aspects of the CCSS for Mathematics might affect your instruction.


Time to Reflect

How might the following affect your instructional practices?



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