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Question 7 - Grade 3 Collaborative Conversations Video

Grade 3: Collaborative Conversations in Social Science

Things to Look For

  1. Notice how the students follow discussion norms in order to self-monitor and progress the discussion, making it more student-centered.
  2. Notice how the teacher ensures all students are accountable for participating in the lesson activities.
  3. Notice how the teacher highlights features of the text.
  4. Notice how the teacher circulates while students are reading on their own to provide individual support.
  5. Notice how the teacher restates the lesson goals throughout the lesson so the students are aware of their progress towards meeting those goals.
  6. Notice how throughout the lesson students are learning and clarifying domain-specific and general academic vocabulary.
  7. Notice how the teacher promotes a safe environment for students to ask questions.

Grade 3
Collaborative Conversations in Social Science (19:46)