District Programs for English Learners

Chris EvansOn this page, you will hear from the leadership in Natomas about the programs that have been successful for them. Chris Evans is the Superintendent for Natomas Unified, and he is in his fourth year of taking on that role. In the following clips he shares his experiences in the district as they have focused on continued improvement for English learner students.

Here Chris discusses the district’s team approach to their work, and outlines the importance of collaboration by all in the district in order to achieve success.


Christine Smith is the Director for School Leadership and Support for Natomas Unified. Her role at the district is to ensure that administrators, teachers and staff are supported at every level.

In the following two clips Christine describes for us the district’s approach ELD instruction and programs.

One area of importance that many districts in California are working through is the alignment of their LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan), the EL Master Plan and the Title III and LEA Plans. Natomas has worked hard to ensure these plans align based on their district data. In the following two clips, Chris and Christine discuss this critical process.

In the following two clips, Chris and Christine discuss the district’s work to include parents and community. They share the many supports that the district provides to English learner parents as their children attend school in Natomas Unified.