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California's Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Section Wrap-Up

Congratulations! You have now completed the mathematics section.

Time to Reflect

Take a moment to reflect on your initial thoughts and learnings on California’s Common Core State Standards for Mathematics before moving on to the English Language Arts section.

Insert your comments in the journaling box below:


You have just learned about the background, structure and organization, and areas of emphasis in the CCSS for Mathematics. For additional support as you implement the CCSS, visit the CCSS Math Resources Web page on the CDE Web site at External Link.

Time to Extend

Watch a classroom example of a 5th grade mathematics lesson during which students use a real-life example to help them deepen their understanding of fractions. Notice how the teacher differentiates instruction and promotes engagement by presenting students with multiple representations of the problem, critiquing possible solutions, identifying important information, and allowing for individual "think time" prior to working on the problem.