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ITM 39: LeVar Burton Visits ITM Live!

Actor and producer LeVar Burton stops by for a special ITM Live! recorded March 20, 2014 in advance of his smash keynote at CUE 2014 (and prior to his record-breaking Kickstarter campaign). Hear Burton's thoughts on Reading Rainbow’s secret to success, why he's excited to bring Reading Rainbow back as a digital library app for today's digital kids, and how Star Trek and the power of the “What if...” are still influencing modern technology. You don't have to take our word for it - just stick around for the surprise at 18:43!



Featured in this episode...

Episode Credits
Featured Guest: LeVar Burton @levarburton
Correspondent: Chris Walsh @fitzwalsh
Post-Production: Staci DeGagne @stacidegagne
Audio: River Harmony @riverharmony
Director of Photography: River Harmony