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Welcome to the California Department of Education's (CDE's) Online Resource Kit for Developing Partnerships to Close the Achievement Gap

The CDE has worked with other state and local agencies as well as business and community partners to create this online resource kit to help schools reach out to families and communities and to help families and communities reach in to schools—all for one important purpose—developing partnerships to close the achievement gap. Whether you are a school principal, a parent or guardian, a business owner, a university administrator, a member of the clergy, a non-profit leader, a local government official, or other community member, there are resources available here to help you join with others to make a difference in the achievement of all students.

This site provides links to some of the best online resources about how to start and sustain partnerships, the importance of data, and ideas for making connections with others who want to help improve student achievement. Examples of success highlight partnerships that have helped foster academic success, lower the dropout rate, reduce school violence, improve student attendance, or have in other ways addressed students' unmet needs—because all these efforts play an important role in closing the achievement gap.

Closing the achievement gap will take the involvement of schools, families, and communities who believe that all children can be successful and who are willing to make a long-term commitment to educational improvement. The resources here are intended to jump start that effort.