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Table of Contents

Unit 2: Activity 5: Grade Span Coherence

Unit 2 Activity 5 is titled, “Grade Span Coherence”
and will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

The purpose of this activity is for the participant to focus on
a grade level span, and to determine how standards support
student learning within and across a grade span.

Time 2 View

This video shows a student working on integer subtraction and addition. It is evident that the student struggles with the concepts. If the teacher had not asked the student to explain his thinking, his misconceptions may have gone unnoticed.

This video demonstrates the importance of students making sense of mathematics by describing their thinking. This enables the teacher to determine a students' depth of understanding and possible misconceptions. As teachers anticipate possible misconceptions, they will be better equipped to address students' learning needs.

Time 2 Reflect

Reflect upon what you saw in the video and answer the following questions:



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