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Math Content: Proportional Reasoning
Instructional Strategy: Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning

In this module, you will be cluing in to verbal cues in a unit called, Making Sense of Word Problems, in order to make sense of algebraic equations.

This lesson utilizes some high-tech tools such as digital cameras, SmartBoards, and PowerPoint to increase student comprehension and collaboration. We will use heuristics and analogies to help students with their problem-solving skills.




In this strand, we'll focus on the following topics:

  • Solving equations,
  • Representing information, and
  • Interpreting and describing results.

The following CAHSEE release question serves as the focus for this module:

The perimeter, P, of a square may be found by using the formula, 1/4 P = sqrt(A), where A is the area of the square. What is the perimeter of the square with an area of 36 square inches?

A. 9 in
B. 12 in
C. 24 in
D. 72 in