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Unit 3: Activity 2: "How To" Strategies for English Learners

Unit 3, Activity 2 is titled, “'How To' Strategies for
English Learners” and will take approximately 30
minutes to complete.

The purpose of this activity is for participants to
increase awareness of instructional strategies that
support English learners.


Time 2 Read

English learners (ELs) may have language barriers that could cause challenges in mastering the content required to form strong mathematical foundations. Use the following "How To" strategies to support your EL students as you deepen your understanding of how mastery of mathematics concepts and progressions impact their learning. 

Select a category to see strategies for supporting English Learners:


Time 2 View

Watch the following video and note the strategies used to support EL students.

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Time to Try

In the boxes below, journal evidence from the video of each strategy listed (e.g. Scaffolding Instruction: Hand gestures—silent signal for “I disagree”):



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Time 2 Reflect

As you consider how mathematics standards and learning progressions affect your EL students, reflect upon the following: 


Time 2 Extend

Refer to the “Resources” section at the end of this module for additional EL resources.