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Unit 2, Activity 3:

2.3.2 Mathematics and Learning Progressions

Time 2 Read

Now that you have an understanding of the importance of mathematical progressions, we want you to examine the standards across grade levels that lead to and from an identified standard.

It is very important for educators to understand how standards build within and across domains. This is a very involved process and takes time to absorb. The mathematical progression for CCSS for Mathematics Standard 6.EE is tracked in the following video for grades K–8. You may want to watch this video a few times, stop it and rewind, or focus on the grade level span that affects your instruction.

Before watching the video, review CCSS for Mathematics Standard 6.EE.2.

Time 2 View

The following video introduces key mathematical concepts related to Standard 6.EE.2. 

Time 2 Reflect

Complete the following statements.


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