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Table of Contents

Unit 2, Activity 5:

2.5.2 Completed Instructional Alignment Chart

Time 2 Read

The Instructional Alignment Chart provides a structure for professional collaborative conversations about the CCSS and how they inform teacher decision making. This chart supports teachers as they study standards within and across grade levels and consider implications for instruction and assessment.


  • Download the Completed Instructional Alignment Chart for grades 6–8. This completed chart serves as an example of the standard the student was working on in the Integer video.
  • Read the four sections of the completed Instructional Alignment Chart.
    1. Standards for Grade/Course
    2. Changes
    3. Levels of Instruction
    4. Implications for Instruction and Assessment

    Consider the questions below as you complete the activity on the next page.

    • How do the standards progress across grade levels?
    • What are the changes, similarities and differences in content and processes, between grade level standards?